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BE CLEAN.  BE NATURAL. Help Build Habitat Houses!

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Handyman Fans

  • I can’t believe how soothing the Lavendar smell was and how soft it made my hands feel.

    Erin L.
  • I love the ReStore, but changing to a new hand soap that might dry out my hands was scary…. but these soaps are amazing, good job!

    Becky J.
  • My husband loved the “Cut Wood” soap!  When are you going to make dish soap?

    Sarah N.

Our Story

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What is the deal with this soap?

We are passionate about helping Habitat build more houses. We also love the Habitat ReStores, which help build houses by selling the stuff people donate. So, in order to build more houses, the ReStores need to get more stuff donated, sell more of that stuff, and continually remind people to donate. This soap will provide an additional source of income for the ReStores, and, while sitting on the counter, act as a reminder for its users to donate stuff to the ReStores. And the icing on the cake is that it’s 100% Natural – which is good for you and the environment!

What is "natural" about the soap?

Everything. All the ingredients are derived from various plants -- versus petroleum like a lot of the cheaper soaps in the grocery store.

Did you test this soap on animals?

Never have, never will. However, one of us is a bit hairy, like an animal, but can basically speak words we understand and the state gave him a driver’s license, so we call him human.

Where can I buy Handyman Soaps?

The soap is currently available online and at certain ReStores. You can click the Buy our Soaps button in menu and locate the ReStores that have the soap in stock or can order online from this site.

How does buying this soap from a Habitat ReStore help build more houses?

ReStores sell gently used, donated household products and use the proceeds to help fund the local Habitat for Humanity's building programs. The more stuff that get's donated, the better. We're hoping that having these soaps on the kitchen & bathroom counters will remind people to donate more stuff and shop at ReStores too! Plus, the ReStores make money on every Handyman bottle sold.

Are the soaps sugar and gluten free?

Yes. But, they’re best used to clean your hands, so don't eat them.

Will the soaps make me stronger or smarter?

No, but they will make you cleaner.

Are the bottles recyclable?

Yep. And, even better, they are made from 25% post consumer recycled materials. We love recycling – especially the kind the ReStores do with your gently used stuff that is donated.

Who is "Handyman"?

He/She is every volunteer that's helped build a Habitat Home and every person who’s purchased something at a ReStore and repurposed it into something cool. He/She gets off the couch, gives back to the community and makes something happen!

Why is there a donkey in the header of this web site?

He asked to be there and we argued at first, but then decided what the heck, if a donkey wants to be there, why not.


BE CLEAN. BE NATURAL. HELP Build Habitat Houses!

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