Top 5 Reasons for Handsoaps

We often get asked why we chose to make handsoaps instead of dish soaps, laundry soaps or other types of soap and we have all kinds of different answers and thought we’d compile them in a list for you.

5. Handsoaps never killed anybody, but not washing your hands might.
4. You don’t need a washing machine or a dirty dish to use handsoaps.
3. Everybody has hands.  Everybody uses handsoap.   Everybody has counters.  Everybody has handsoap on their counter.
2. All handsoaps have a sweet mechanical pump that squirts out the soap.  And, we love mechanical stuff.
1. Handsoaps sit on your counter being cool, reminding you to DONATE to your local RESTORE.

We are working on some other types of soap, but PLEASE buy the handsoap and wash your hands ASAP and often.

Be Clean!